Aaruul – Dried Curds

Mongolians produce a wide range of dairy goods. Assembling Aaruul involves the following steps. To produce curd, yogurt is first cooked before being strained through cloth. To force out all the liquid, this curd is placed beneath a large rock and covered in another towel. Curd is then chopped into bits with a thread or shaped into a form before being dried in the sun.

Calcium and protein are abundant in curd. Curd may be shaped in a variety of appealing and intriguing forms for both kids and adults. Good for digestion is aaruul. It doesn’t spoil when properly preserved and may be kept for extended periods of time.

Aaruul is made entirely from dairy; nothing else is added. It could be more nutrient-dense than milk in some ways.

For taste, you can use sugar or vanilla. Aaruul has a tart flavor and is healthy for teeth. For the treatment of many illnesses, such as liver, spleen, blood pressure, and weariness, add Aaruul to boiling hot water, tea, and mutton soup.