Khorkhog – Authentic Mongolian Barbecue

Khorkhog is yet another distinctive dish from Mongolia. Either lamb or goat meat is used to prepare this BBQ meal. According to researchers, this cuisine may have its roots in prehistoric times. In order to make khorkhog, the meat is cooked over hot stones in a confined container. Khorkhog is typically prepared during holidays or large family gatherings.

One entire sheep is utilized, depending on the number of persons. The best type of stone for the project is a fist-sized, smooth, firm stone that has been abraded by water from a riverbank since it can resist the heat without splitting. The stones are heated by setting them on fire with wood or dung (nomads use dung as fuel).

The stones are heated by setting them on fire with wood or dung between them (nomads use dung as fuel). The meat is diced to the proper size and placed in a container. Red-hot stones are then inserted between the layers of flesh. A little amount of water, seasoning, salt, and vegetables like onion, garlic, and potato should be added before the container is firmly closed.

Shake the container gently to make sure the meat is cooked through evenly. After setting the container on fire, carefully open the lid. Hold the hot stones while enjoying the meal; this is an example of eastern medicine. Your nervous system will be revived and weariness will be reduced by the hot stone.

Boodog (Mongolian Barbeque)
Commonly used in marmot and coat involves removing the bones( and bowels from the skinned carcass through the neck red hot stones are put inside the carcass closed and the neck opening. Then the carcass is barbecued. The meat roasted this way is tender tasty and fragrant. ) innards of the animal, whilst leaving the meat bones and skin intact, then placing red hot stones inside the body of the animal to cook the meat sometimes inside the boodog may you make vegetables and some pepper and salt. If you bring hot stones it will be good for relaxing also health.