Traditional Mongolian Furniture

You may first notice the exquisitely constructed traditional furniture, such as beds, storage boxes (avdar), tables, chairs, cupboards, and drawers, when you visit a nomad family in a Mongolian ger. The Mongolian yurt furniture is undoubtedly tailored to the yurt’s nomadic lifestyle. The majority of the furniture used in yurts has box shapes, making it simple to stack them in mounds and bind them together while moving.

The majority of traditional furniture from Mongolia is carved in detail or has colorful designs painted on it. Animal, botanical, geometric, and other form figures are included in the categories of motifs and crafts. There are two single beds, a table and four chairs, a cabinet, and a wardrobe in a traditional yurt.

Chests (Avdar):

According to Mongolian culture, chests are where a family’s good fortune and actions are accumulated and stored. Every family keeps a pair of Mongolian chests as a sign of the twin and couple life laws. Every household previously utilized this classic furniture. Families that still reside in traditional Mongolian gers do so primarily. Chests have a variety of vivid images painted on them. Lions are most prevalent. Always position the chest or avdar on the most revered northernmost side, just across from the entryway. The primary use of this furniture is to store priceless family possessions like books, holiday decorations, etc.

Table and Seats:

The one and only table in a Mongolian ger serves a variety of functions, including eating, sipping tea, reading, and writing. Most of the time, tables and chairs are positioned between the chest and the main pillar. The artistry and vibrant design of a Mongolian table are its distinguishing features. Stools, chairs, high platforms, thrones, and foldable stools are just examples of the various kinds of seating furniture. Always painted and smaller than a contemporary coffee table, chairs.


Bed types include permanent, demountable, and foldable beds. Beds were utilized in Mongolia for much more than just sleeping. It features drawers for storing their clothing and other items, and they were utilized to sit and congregate to play. The most valuable saddle was probably placed by nomads adjacent to the bed on the west side.