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Fortnite opponent Apex myth can soon reach your mobile phone

Опубликовано : 12-02-2019, 14:58 | Категория: Mobile Phone   


EA's Apex Legends has not less than 25 million players within a week after the new ballet broke out.


EA's Apex Legends has not less than 25 million players within a week after the new ballet broke out. The studio, developed by Respawn, studio Titanfall franchise, and Apex Legrand, was a real phenomenon after it struck the 10 million players in 72 hours.

The fierce royale game is available for download for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One free of charge, but soon it will be available for mobile devices Fortnite and PUBG. In an electronic art Q3 2019, executive director of EA Games, Andrew Wilson said he wanted to bring his Apex legend to Android and iOS devices.

Apex Legends is a free game play but players can continue playing through games and they will be able to buy new and unique cosmetics to find the game currency. Be able to make different money created within the game.

For example, EA is planning to introduce a direct purchase option, so players can buy cosmetics and sometimes buy new myths. Of course, Apex Legends is not a paid game, so players will not make progress.

Apex domains offer a Apex package, which is very similar to the mechanics of the prison if the buyer does not want to buy directly. Again, in these boxes everything will be clean cosmetics, it will only distinguish how your character looks to the world.

All of these monetary mechanisms will be included in the Apex Legends in the coming months, and if EA is able to earn enough to make a new game, the EA will be available on the mobile.

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