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Multiple Crisis Environment - Reports

Опубликовано : 12-02-2019, 13:30 | Категория: World News   




Politicians and policymakers have not been able to explain the seriousness of the global environmental crisis. 

Intellectual journalist, IPPP, said that the impact on human society has reached a crucial stage, causing social and global economic instability.

According to scientists, we are warning of the combination of these deadly combinations.

These include climate change, loss of species, erosion of topsoil, forest cracking and acidification.

According to the Institute of the East Zone from the Center for Public Policy Research, these factors are "driving the complex and dynamic processes of environmental instability at a critical level.

"This instability occurs in the history of mankind at a time of unprecedented speed, and sometimes in billions of years."

US colonization has become 'climate change'
Welcome to Malta
Planet Earth (and we ourselves)
What then?
IPPRP warns that the window that allows the avoidance of disaster can be avoided.

Authors call for three shifts of political awareness: the scope and speed of environmental collapse; social impact; and the need for change of change.

Since 2005, the number of floods worldwide has increased 15 times, emergency temperature has increased 20 times and fires seven times.

At least at least climate change is talking about policy discussions, but there are virtually no other significant impacts.



What is the issue?
Topsoil is losing 10-40 times faster than recovering natural processes
Since the middle of the 20th century, around 30% of world agriculture has been eroded, which is inefficient
By 2050, 95% of the world's land may be degraded
British politicians are closest to this issue, and the UK's most endangered species has fallen by two-thirds since the 1970s.

Britain is one of the most strangest countries in the world.

In the UK, 2.2 million tons of topsoil is depleted annually, and over 17% of the crop area is characterized by erosion.

About 85 percent of the fertile topsoil in East Anglia has been extinct since 1850, and the remainder is likely to occur in the next 30-60 years.

Many IP scientists believe that the new era of rapid change is enabling the environment.

The report warns: "We define this as" the age of environmental disturbance "to better clarify the extent, effect and consequences of environmental instability caused by total human activity.

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