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Start to fear Samsung and Huawei Xiaomi's unique collapsible smartphones

Опубликовано : 12-02-2019, 14:55 | Категория: Mobile Phone   


Unlike 5G, it may take more than two years to take over, and the revolution in 2019 is expected to change the mobile industry in order to feel the realm of the mobile industry.


Unlike 5G, the mobile phone industry is changing in order to change the mobile industry, changing the reality of the realm and reality in the real world and planning to revolt in 2019. Samsung may be able to switch to tablet mode, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, LG, Oppo, and so on.

However, as the cat's skin is more than one way to investigate the sources of these companies, the world's first portable gadgets are of a very small range of facets. After a few years (a secret experiment) and a series of improvements to the many failed strategies, Samsung seems to be based on a look-and-feel design that looked like a last fall and a recent trend.
At the same time, Huawei is aiming to unify the global smartphone market leader, shaking on its external screen more complex and perhaps more easily foldable products. Then the President, co-founder, discovered a banana bunch just a few weeks ago. It is considered as the world's first "double folding smartphone", but it is not ready for the pioneers, but it will bring about commercial debut.
Test the product and make a limited release

If you do not imagine designing, especially in the production of a scale, it is not easy to use portable mobile devices. The double-folding design may be necessary to double the efforts and the liberation of Xiaomi, which has played an important role in jointly developing flexible display co-operation with the "unnamed supply chain", as well as the design and folding mechanisms of LetsGoDigital , The adaptation of MIUI ".

This suggests that the company combines innovation with R & D efforts combined with supply chain partners and equipment manufacturers, and the only folding screens are "unable to turn the smartphone into a technological advancement". "Of course, the best thing to do is fold the mechanism, but Xiaomi said that" the problem has been overcome "by three different factors.

In fact, the remarkable feature of Bin Lin's recent video shows a strong, powerful product capable of switching from tablet to smartphone without showing obvious disadvantages. However, the way out of the trajectory is to be spherical and it is difficult to place shelves from the pre-sale model and then to run the user's pockets to the prototype.

Xiaomi is currently unlabelled to run a Dual Flex or Mi Mix Flex device, but in the second half of this year it is looking forward to doing a little movement in the company. "Little" is the key word in it, and in fact, you can predict a few thousand commercial transactions with the intelligence industry. Of course, Samsung is less than a target of $ million.
Beautiful 3D characters will be in your dreams

The picture has over a thousand words, especially when it comes to talking about innovative products, so anyone in LetsGoDigital has developed another wonderful foldable photo. These are based on the design of Xiaomi's President Bin Lin and the design of this double-folding mobile phone system to four phases.
If we are perfectly honest, this poor boy looks like Samsung Galaxy Fold. If working properly, the Xiaomi Dual Flex (or Mi Mix Flex) will allow users to double the "tablet" screen, relatively short, wide, and incredibly slim.

It looks like it imitates the flexibility of the user (and it looks) but durable, the software is still a major problem. If the folding mechanism needs to withstand the constant pressure on long-term use, tablet-mobile conversion, Xiaomi's private MIUI platforms should be compatible with both consumer applications. But do not praise Xiaomi's unique eyesight instead of taking any negative consequences.

Devices similar to imaginable devices on these 3D devices will be released by the end of the year and it will be harder for Samsung Galaxy Fold to continue.

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