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Internet death

Опубликовано : 12-02-2019, 14:26 | Категория: Technology   


This feature was first published in Popular Mechanics in 1997. When the story was first published, the internet was not close to death but tested in its limited circumstances. In order to succeed, the Internet needs to be changed. What this is. It has been repeated many times since then.


The following article was published in 1997. I was six years old when I wrote this article as an Electro-famous mechanic editor. Dial-up connection is regulated. Google, Facebook does not exist, no Wikipedia, no YouTube, no Twitter. No Hulu, Spotify, no Instagram. No cloud calculations were available. No smart phones. Netflix was founded on that year, but not the internet's merit, but the lease trillion trillion pieces were connected daily to Internet traffic in 1997 hundreds of thousands of internet traffic.

Then the Internet was often used by e-mails and information chapters, and book vendors were accessing relatively few websites of websites, such as Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Lycos, and Excite portals. Was the Internet dying? No. It was hyperbola. But it was at the junction. We need to do something in order to make the information flow weird, which we know is incredibly large and that we can not afford space. Shortly after this article, the internet has been expanded and strengthened. The fiber-optic cable is equipped with tens of thousands of miles, and it's really a website around the world.

Since that time, intensive service providers such as Netflix, Google, and Facebook have developed a private content delivery network (CDNs) that parallel the backs of the Internet and changed the way information was shared online. These CDN provide continuous video over the internet with smart TV or smartphone available in all parts of the world, eliminating percolation points, speeding data quickly.

The IPv6 address scheme introduced in 1998 was able to provide a single billion-dollar unique address for every living person. Is it too much? Maybe. However, let's see if the famous devices, such as smart speakers, connected thermostats, and lights are today. Then, remember that the Internet was still the same as the Internet in 1997. The wishes of tomorrow have not even been dreaming. Anyway, be sure to be ready for Internet solutions. It will not die. We can not allow it.-Brian C. Fenton

The internet is at the intersection of the road. More than ever on the network, many users have gone through a mud and a jerk. Is this a permanent issue? Or did the changes in "internet time" appear in the night?
Considering the requirements of the Internet, the number of users is increasing by about 200 percent annually. It's amazing how it has saved everything. At the same time, internet service providers have never imagined those who have penetrated the existing network. The Internet began in the late 1960s with the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) project. The goal of ARPAnetnet is to test the way of linking scientific research centers and high tech engineers. The first ARPAnet had four PCs, located at Santa Barbara, UCLA, University of Utah, and the Stanford Research Institute at the University of California. From there the Internet grew gradually until the 1970s and 1980s.

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