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The world's longest 3D printed bridge produced by Giant Concrete Blocks has been built for 18 days

Опубликовано : 12-02-2019, 14:22 | Категория: Technology   






China's past conflict and new bridge history have been brought to power.


Look, it is the world's largest 3D printed bridge. Chinese artwork is 26.3 meters (86 feet) wide, 2.6 meters (nearly 12 feet). This model is the oldest bridge in the history of the Chinese architecture in 605 A.D.

For decades, the Tsinghua University Professor Xu Weiguo's team was required to complete a total of 450 hours and complete all the parts of the new bridge. This means that it is less than 19 years old. In the press release, Professor Xu's team said the cost of the bridges was almost two-thirds of the ordinary bridge, saving money for materials and engineering.

The bridge installed in a real-time monitoring system will allow for high precision wiring and voltage detection. Tsinghua noted that press releases (read in Google Translation) "demand for construction work in the future is growing". If China can not find bridges, "smart solutions will be an important channel to solve this problem."

The press release has been "a lot of trouble-solving problems in 3D printing," as many companies invest in technology development, but do not use it in "real engineering".

Professor Xu's two robotic weapons are intended to combine these two fields, to create digital architectural designs, print routes, and to integrate concrete materials. The first robot is to push and push the push function, and the second robot is to create a print path and to keep the operating system.

Before the bridge, the 1: 4 model was designed to test its power. At that time, the squad was confident enough to accomplish the next goal.

In recent years, technology has become more widespread, and in recent years there have been 3D architectural projects. The MIT team built a fabulous 14-storey building. They do not know comfort, but recently Marines print 3D for 40 hours. If Mars has a house on Mars, NASA suspects that it will use a 3D printer to use a robot.

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