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Why not remove the USB USB C?

Опубликовано : 12-02-2019, 14:17 | Категория: Technology   


The new iPhone may have USB Type-C ports, but it's not probable.


Earlier this year Apple announced its iPhone Lightning ports to shift the next iPhone to the USB Type-C port. It is used almost all Android devices (some new computers, Apple's new MacBooks, etc.). Such a move will come true with a dream that will conflict with each other and start the end of Apple's dongle-based hellscape.

Unfortunately, new and reliable information is recommended to Lightning here. It's shameful, but it's not surprising. After all, Apple's hands (or rope) are tied to.
But this is not the best thing you can do. The fastest way to charge your phone is a charger designed for USB Type-C and requires USB Type-C for Lightning cable which does not come with your iPhone.

The iPhone may be switching to USB Type-C or may change after Apple's packaging is packed. Unfortunately, this does not happen.

Why? It does not like Apple's USB-C. Company Lightning ports are wannabe-portable iPad Pro and not included in the MacBook line. But it's a smart and practical decision to have a USB standard that meets the different requirements of the laptops. In other words, Apple does not attract Lightning.

On the other hand, in the world of mobile phone accessories, iPhone's famous iPhone and its long-range ports are largely accustomed to the manufacturers of the iPhone's Lightning ports. Similarly, many iPhone users now have Lightning accessory. To change the USB, it improves everything and gives small incentives to shake the Apple type.

Most importantly, there are hierarchical issues. Any change in the supply chain of the Apple or the change in the box is large. According to the Times New York Times, Apple's iPhones can not be assembled in the United States because of the fact that it has to be close to the tight screws of Chinese screws to keep their supply line up.

Changing the iPhone ports Lightning's headphones are usually valuable. Or, in other words, the price of a male-USB-Type-C dongle-Lightning-to-male-C-dongle should be added. Packing with a 12-watt charger can be easier to lift, but a 5-watt charger can stay in a truly safe mountain range.

It does not mean that Apple will never make such a decision or never do it in the future. The stars are able to make profits for a long time if they are not short-lived. When it comes to a great deal of work, Apple provides long-term ability. But now Lightning will be here because revenue is falling and it requires conditions.

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