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GoFundMe: Hopefully you need reliable people

Опубликовано : 12-02-2019, 14:05 | Категория: Technology   


Kelsey Colker is at least one year old but most of us spend more time in the hospital for the rest of our lives.


He's rarely called the "obsolescence syndrome", which is often the cause of the intestine.

Treatment is pain, long and obviously - expensive.

"I was not prepared for this situation and I was not prepared for astral health payments," Kelly's Mother Patricia told me.

From then on millions of years ago, Patricia GoFundMe provides publicly available platforms and tools for people to pay attention to the public with the help of the media.

"Sincere Donation Cessis receive her GoFundMe page, helping them pay for medical treatment.

Last hope
The current world-sick baby viruses indicate the difference between life or death. Or defective firefighters are the perfect recovery. This means that a week after the financial collapse of a woman without a fee for food for the victims of sexual harassment.

In fact, GoFundMe in California may be the latest hope for many Americans, and the social security network may be tragic. This site is increasing in number of international users.

Since 2010, more than 50 million people have donated $ 5 billion (3.9 billion functions). At first, this site received a 5% discounted offer, but now most of the market does not require any payment and instead wants to read the website instead.

For some, the success of GoFundMe is a guarantee of the willingness to help each other. For others, the future of this area is a statue of inequality.

"Risk is that generosity is a substitute for justice," says Anton Giriddharaas, the missionary Winner Takes All, who studies the forces of income inequality.

Broken system
"This is a biblical nature," said Rob Solomon, CEO of GoFundMe.

"In the old days, if somebody had to build a barn, it would not be a house built, a whole society would gather together, it's a deep-seated mankind. It's a concept to gather together to help people."

Our interview included a little girl who raised money to fund clinical trials in fighting against Syndrome and rare genetic disorders in the conference room of Saving Eliza's father.

Other rooms in the room helped raise the $ 50,000-from-31-year-old neighbor, assisting the 89-year-old Norma.

The medical needs are not only medical payments but also the health needs of other family members who can lose money.

Solomon said that most of the investors were affected by a "broken" health system in the United States.

"GoFundMe does not have to be around to solve the problem.

"Everyone has to get health care, and GoFundMe has no other health campaign, but it's not our real life."

Finished on the wall
Thus, the "good cause" issue is politically motivated. We Will Build the People The Wall is GoFundMe's campaign in December, aiming to raise money on the border wall proposed by president Donald Trump, between the United States and Mexico.

"The technical feasibility is our uncertainty," Solomon said. I doubt that this campaign will not succeed in financing the border wall.

"There are instances where private funds to finance some of the reasons are going to the government. [But] we knew that this would not be the case, and we know that the organizer knows that we have to get it."

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