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Northern Mongolia

Visiting Tsaatan nomad family is a great opportinuty to explore their unique lifestyle. Northern part of Mongolia is known by Amarbasygalant monastery,Uran uul(extinct volcano).

Lake Khuvsgul the Dark Blue Pearl

Khuvsgul Lake is known as Dark Blue Pearl among beautiful mountains. Lake Khuvsgul is Mongolia's largest and deepest lake. Located in the northernmost province, it is the largest tributary stream of Lake Baikal in Russia. 96 rivers and streams flow out of Khuvsgul, among them the Egiin River, which then joins the Selenge along its eventual path to Lake Baikal.

Lake Khuvsgul is 136 km long, water beneath 100 meters & 36 km wide, 262 meters deep and is located at an altitude of 1645 m above sea level.

Taiga Fauna and Flora, Tsaatan, practicing reindeer breeding are the main attractions for tourists. Lake Khuvsgul is on the important migration route for birds from Siberia, thus facilitating marvelous opportunities for bird watching.

Tsaatan nomad family

The reindeer people live in the North West regions of Khuvsgul, which is pretty much like a taiga. Mountains are 3000 meters above the sea level; region has rocks thick grown forests. Herding places are rare and summer is short. However, deer and yaks are suitable in the part of the land.

Mongolian people called the Reindeer people - Tsaatan people. They are lived in Western and Eastern taiga. Nowadays 14 families are living in the western taiga and 18 families are living in the eastern taiga. The reindeer people move about 6-8 times a year. They use about 5-6 reindeer for transportation and the distance is 150-250km.

Also, there is shaman mostly tourists who want to see them but they do not like to see the shaman. Because one chosen day they wear their religious customs, clothes like all kinds of metal objects were attached. Often they added so much weight to the custom that someone had to help the shaman to dress. Despite this, the shamans took great leaps and defied laws of gravity whilst under the trance. There are 2 kinds of shamans male (Zairan ) and female (Udgan). A female shaman is more powerful than a male shaman.

Amarbayasgalant monastery

The Amarbayasgalant Monastery is located 360 km north of Ulaanbaatar is one of the favorite destinations for visitors. It can be reached by jeep or by a combination of local train and motor vehicle ride.

Built in 1727-1736, the Monastery was the second most important in Mongolia after Erdene Zuu Monastery in Kharkhorin. The Monastery established in 1727-1736 dedicated for Mongolian Religious First Bogd Gegeen. There were 27 kinds of big and small temples.

According to the Mongolian History in the 17th -19th-century Amarbayasgalant was a Mongolian greatest pilgrimage Buddhist Center. There were about one thousand lamas living chanted, studied in this Monastery. According to the history Amarbayasgalant was sacked during the repressions of in1930-1940.

In 1996 it was nominated by UNESCO as a Heritage Site. After 65 years monks organized the "Tsam" Religious dance first time in Amarbayasgalant Monastery in 2002.

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