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Khorkhog – Authentic Mongolian Barbecue

Mongolian barbecue is a special cuisine offered on special occasions. It is popular cuisine from Genghis Khan ; a founder of Mongolia Empire. We put meat (sheep and goats), potatoes, carrots, turnips, onions, garlic, and some water into a large pot together with hot rocks. Make sure to tightly close the pot and allow it to stand for half an hour in open fire.

The heat of the stones cooks the meat and vegetables thoroughly. We believe that holding the hot stones helps to relieve tiredness and improve blood circulation.

Boodog (Mongolian Barbeque)
Commonly used in marmot and coat involves removing the bones( and bowels from the skinned carcass through the neck red hot stones are put inside the carcass closed and the neck opening. Then the carcass is barbecued. The meat roasted this way is tender tasty and fragrant. ) innards of the animal, whilst leaving the meat bones and skin intact, then placing red hot stones inside the body of the animal to cook the meat sometimes inside the boodog may you make vegetables and some pepper and salt. If you bring hot stones it will be good for relaxing also health.

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